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Resisting Omnoming you since January 2008

Danni :3
12 March 1989
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This is my personal roleplay journal of all community accounts and stuff I have all across livejournal. Here I shall babble, most of the time incoherantly, about fandoms, OTPs, kinks, squicks, fics, and other such nonsensical topics.

Enjoy. ^_______^

Fic journal: hyperchef

Inactive muses:

Andrew Draden: dontspeakgerman -> Original Character
Bela Talbot: furtum_est_vita -> Supernatural
Daniel Jackson: opekun_zvezdy -> Stargate SG1
Daniel Ti'fiona: amazonsftw -> Dan and Mab's Furrae Adventure (webcomic)
Dean Winchester: obscurum_in_is -> Supernatural
Dustfinger: justwannagohome -> Inkheart
Flaef: fluffmebaby -> Original Character
Harry Dresden: chicagoshope -> The Dresden Files
Heiji Hattori: kendo_taisho -> Detective Conan
Kaito Kuroba: aengima -> Magic Kaito
Kaito Kuroba: tooyoungtoraise -> Magic Kaito
Kaito Kuroba: tophatxmonocle -> Magic Kaito
Kanda Yuu: not_yuu -> D.Gray-man
Kyo Sohma: antileekpls -> Fruits Basket
Mariemeia Barton/Kushrenada: iamvictorious -> Gundam Wing-Endless Waltz
Martha Jones: doktars_doctor -> Doctor Who
Mephistopheles: valde_decipio/masterofhounds -> Original Character
Roan Wolfeson: notofthestate -> Original Character
Roy Mustang: hero_of_ishval -> Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga/Brotherhood)
Sam Tyler: 1973_dorothy -> Life on Mars

Active muses:

Akito Kuroba: aboruk_otiak -> Magic Kaito -> Badfic Manor
Charles Xavier: psychic_labrat -> X-Men First Class -> Badfic Manor
Heiji Hattori: kansai_ahou -> Detective Conan -> Badfic Manor


I've dabbled in various muses in a lot of my favorite fandoms, but none of them have even joke journals.


Work in progress...

Sadly, that's all for now, but muses never rest, so maybe there'll be more in the future?